Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
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Common centaury



Common centaury, Bitterbloom, Bitter clover, Bitter herb, Broad-leaved centaury, Canchalagua, Centaurium erythraea, Centaury, Christ's ladder, Common centavry, Common century, European centaury, Eyebright, Feverwort, Filwort, Lesser centaury, Rose pink, Seaside centaury, Thousand guilder herb, Wild succory


Centaurium erythraea Rafn., Centaurium erythraea var. erythraea, Centaurium minus Moench, Centaurium umbellatum Gilib., Centaurium erythraea subsp. erythraea Rafn, Centaurium latifolium, Chironia centaurium Willd., Erythraea centaurium Pers., Erythræa centaurium (L.)Pers., Gentiana centaurium L.


Aerial part, Flower, Flowering herb, Grass, Leaf, Stem, Unripe fruit, Unspecified, Whole herb

Diseases & Uses

Ungrouped Diseases & Uses

Abdominal trouble, Abscess, Abscesses, Acid indigestion, Affections of the liver, Ague, Aids digestion, Anaemia, anemia, Anorexia, Anorexy, Anti-abscess, Anti-anemic, Anti-diabetic, Antidiabetic activity, Anti-eczemic, Antifebrile, Anti-flu, Anti-gout, Anti-heartburn, antiinflammatory agent in digestive tract diseases, Anti-malarial, Anti-Migraine, Anti-Paludic, antipyretic, Aperitive, Appetite stimulant, Appetizer, Appetizing, Arthritis, Arthropathy, articular rheumatism, Assist healing of wounds, Asthenia of kidney, Asthenia of liver, bad circulation, bad digestion, Belch, benificial effect on the digestion, biliary disorders, Bilious affection, Biliousness, Bitter, Bitter Tonic, blockages in the liver, blockages in the spleen, blood building, Blood cleanser, blood cleansing, Blood formation, Bloodforming, Blood-purifier, boils, cachexy, Calmative, Calming of nerves, Cardialgia, Carminative, Carminativum, Cataplasm, Cholelithiasis, Choleliths, Choleretic, Cleanses the blood, cleanses the kidneys, Clears gas, colic, Coloenteritis, complaints of the stomach, compress, constipation, Costive, Costiveness, Cutaneous Eruptions, depurant, Depurative, Diabetes, Diabetes mellitus, Diaphoretic, Digestive, Digestive disorders, digestive disturbance, digestive problems, Digestive stimulant, digestive trouble, digestive upset, Digestive weakness, Disdorders of the bile, disease of the digestive organs, disease of the eye, disease of the gall, disease of the joints, disease of the liver, disease of the stomach, disorder of metabolism, disorder of the kidneys, disorders of the digestive system, disorders of the liver, dispepsia, Dries wet eczema, Dyschezia, dyspepsia, Dyssynergic defaecation, Eczema, emetic, Enhances immune resistance, Enteritis, Enterocolitis, eruption, Eupeptic, excema, exhaustion, Eye complaints, Eye disease, eye diseases, Fart, Febrifugal, febrifuge, Febrile response, fever, fever diseases, feverish condition, Fevers, flatulence, flatulency, Flatus, flu, fomentation, formation of mucus, Fortifying, Gall-bladder complaints, gallbladder disorders, Gall-bladder problems, Gall complaints, Gallstone, Gallstones, Gas, Gastric catarrh, gastric disorders, Gastric Disturbances, Gastritis, Gastropathy, General atony, General debility, General fatigue, General fatigue of the organism, General fatigue of the organism after illness, General lassitude, General lassitude of organism, General weakness, Gland stimulating, Glandular disease, Glandular disorder, glandular disorders, Good for digestion, good for the stomach, Gout, Gripe, Grippe, haematopoiesis, have weak nerves, healing, healing cuts, Healing wounds, heal wounds, Heartburn, hematopoiesis, Hepatic, hepatic disease, Hepatic disorders, hepatic problems, Herbal tonic, hidrotic, hysteria, Icterus, immune enhangement, Immune weakness, Immunostimulant, improves appetite, Improves circulation, improves circulatory system, improves digestion, Imune activation, Imune stimulant, inappetence, Increases the appetite, increase the bile secretion, Indigestion, Induce sweating, induce vomiting, Inflammation of the digestive tract, Influenza, insufficient secretion of gastric juices, Intestinal affections, intestinal catarrh, intestinal complaints, intestinal diseases, intestinal disorders, intestinal gas, Intestinal Parasites, intestinal problem, intestinal problems, jaundice, Kidney Ailments, kidney complaints, kidney disease, kidney diseases, kidney disorders, kidney problem, kidney problems, Kidney tonic, Kidney treatment, kidney trouble, lack of appetite, Liver ailments, liver complaints, Liver diseases, Liver disorders, Liverishness, liver problems, loss of appetite, loss of blood, malaria, malarial fever, Marsh fever, Megrin, Melancholia, melancholy, metabolic derangement, Metabolic disorder, Metabolic Disorders, metabolic disturbance, migraine, Migraine Headache, mild laxative, Mildly laxative, muscular rheumatism, Nephropathy, Nerve problems, Nervine, Nervous atony, Nervous debility, Nervous disease, Nervous disorders, Nervous lassitude, Nervous trophorestorative, Neurasthenia, neurosis, ophthalmic disease, Ophthalmic problems, opthalmic disease, Pick-me-up, Poor appetite, Poor circulation, Poor digestion, positive influence on the imune system, poultice, Promotes digestion, promotes healing of wounds, Psychostimulants, Pungent, purify blood, purify the blood, Pyretic, Pyrexia, pyrosis, rash, Rashes, reduce fevers, Refresher, refreshing, relaxes the nervous system, relieves fevers, Renal disease, Renal disorders, renal problems, Restores the blood, Rheumatic arthralgia, Rheumatism, Rheumatoid arthritis, ringworm, sedative, skin eruption, Skin Eruptions, skin rashes, sluggish stomach, soothe, soothes nerves, Soothing, sores, Spring-cleaning, spring course, stimulant, Stimulants, Stimulant to increase appetite, stimulate digestive juices, stimulate digestive secretion, stimulates digestion, stimulates gastric secretion, Stimulates the flow of bile, Stimulates the gallbladder, Stimulates the immune system, stimulates the secretion of gastric juices, stimulate the appetite, stimulating, Stomach aliment, stomach atony, stomach complaints, stomach debility, Stomach disease, stomach disorders, stomachic, stomach lassitude, stomach problems, stomach tonic, stomach trouble, Stone in the gallbladder, Strengthener, Strengthening, Strengthens the peripheral circulation, sudorific, suffering from a nervous disorder, sugar diabetis, sweat-inducing, the flue, to cleanse the blood, Tonic, tranquilizer, Tranquilliser, tranquillizer, Traumatic injury, vomitive, Vulnerary, Warming digestive, weak nerves, weak stomach, wind, Wound, wound care, Wound healing, Wound repair, Wounds, Wounds healing, wound treatment

Women's diseases

stimulating effect on uterus

Homoeopathically uses

homoeopathically use, Homoeopathically uses


Aromatic, Brewing, Condiment, culinary herb, Flavor, flavouring, Spice, spice in aquavit

Other uses

Against lice, colouring, Dye, Dyeing, hair dye, Lice, Louse, Pediculicide, Used in Bachs Flower Remedies, Used to treat lice (Pediculus humanus capitus)

Religion, Magic & Witchcraft

Magic, magic power, magic use, Witchcraft, Witchery

Local (Geographical) use

Phytomedical use in Brazil, Phytomedical use in Cyprus


 1-Hexacosanol, 4-Hydroxybenzoic acid, Alpha-Amyrin, amarogentin, Beta-Sitosterol, Bitter Components, caffeic acid, Centaurin, Cerotic acid, Erythramine, essential oil, fatty acid, Ferulic acid, flavonoid, gentianine, gentiopicrin, Gentiopicroside, Iridoid, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, magnesium, mineral salt, Natural rubber, N-Heptacosane, N-Nonacosane, Oleanolic acid, Oleic acid, Palmitic acid, P-Coumaric acid, phenolic acid, Protocatechuic acid, resin, sinapinic acid, Stearic acid, stearin, sugar, Sweroside, Vanillic acid, wax, Β-amyrin

Source: LiberHerbarum/Pn0140

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