Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine


Chinese rice-paper-plant



Ginseng family (Araliaceae)


Chinese rice-paper-plant, Pith-paper tree, Rice-paper plant, Rice-paper tree, Tong-cao, Tung-tsao, Tung-tsau


Aralia papyrifera Benth. & Hook., Tetrapanax papyrifer K. Koch, Tetrapanax papyrifera (Hooker) K. Koch

Diseases & Uses

Ungrouped Diseases & Uses

Anthelmintic, Anthelmintics, Antifebrile, Anti-helminthic, Antihelminthics, Anti-helmintic, Anti-pyretic, Calmative, Calming of nerves, dispel worms, diuretic, expel worms, Febrifugal, febrifuge, helmint, Pyretic, reduce fevers, relaxes the nervous system, relieves fevers, Sedative, soothe, soothes nerves, Soothing, Tranquilizer, Tranquilliser, tranquillizer, treatment for worms, Vermicide, vermifugal, vermifuge, worm, worms

Women's diseases

Aids milk flow in nursing mothers, Encourages breast milk, Ensures good milk supply, Galactagogue, Galactopoietic, increase milk sekretion in women, Lactagogue, Milk production stimulant, promotes the flow of milk, stimulate milk production, stimulate the flow of milk

TCM - Traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese medicine, Used in traditional Chinese medicin

Local (Geographical) use

Phytomedical use in China, Phytomedical use in Korea


 ash, Calcium, Carbohydrates, Copper, fat, Fibres, Galactose, glucose, iron, magnesium, manganese, Mercury, Pentosan, potassium, protein, sodium, Xylose, zinc

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