Liber Herbarum Minor (English)
The incomplete reference-guide to Herbal medicine





Cacao-tree, Cacahuatl, Cacao, Cacao beans, Chocolate, Chocolate tree, Cocoa, Cocoa tree, Kakaw


Theobroma cacao Linne


Seed, Seed oil

Diseases & Uses

Ungrouped Diseases & Uses

Ache, Aches, anaemia, Analgesic, Anemia, angina, Anodyne, Antalgic, Anti-anemic, Antianginal, Anti-bacterial, Antibacterial Agent, Anti-Bronchitic, Anti-diarrheic, Anti-diarrhoeal, Antidiarrhoeic, Anti-Rheumatic, Antiseptic, Antitussive, arthritis, Assist healing of wounds, Bactericidal, Bactericide, Bacteriostatic, baktericidal, blood building, Blood formation, Bloodforming, Bronchial catarrh, bronchitis, cough, cough depressing, Coughs, Cough suppressant, diaorrhea, diarrhea, Diarrhoea, disinfectant, Diuretic, emollient, Excitability, excitement, Fissure of breasts, Fissure of lips, good for the stomach, haematopoiesis, Hansen's disease, healing, healing cuts, heal wounds, hematopoiesis, Herbal tonic, Infected sore throats, inflammation of kidneys, inflammation of the kidney, inflammation of the throat, kidney infections, Kidney inflammation, Leprosy, loss of blood, Nephritis, Pain, painful disorders, painkiller, pain relief, pain-relieving, Pains, pain stilling, promotes healing of wounds, quinsy, relaxant, Relaxing, renal pyelitis, Restores the blood, Rheumatic disorder, rheumatism, Sore throat, stomach atony, stomach debility, stomachic, stomach lassitude, stomach tonic, throat infections, throat inflammation, Throat pain, Tonic, Tonsillitis, Vulnerary, weak stomach, Wound healing, Wound repair

Women's diseases

climacteric, ease menopausal symptoms, menopausal problems, Menopause


euphoriant, Euphoric

Other uses

cosmetic use

Local (Geographical) use

Phytomedical use in Brazil, Phytomedical use in the Guianas (Guyana, Suriname, French Guiana)


 (-)-Epicatechin, 4-Hydroxy-3-Methoxy-Benzoic-Acid, acetic acid, Alanine, alkaloid, Alpha-Sitosterol, Amyl-Acetate, Amyl-Alcohol, Amylase, Anthocyanin, Apigenin, Arabinose, Arachic-Acid, arginine, ascorbic acid, ash, Behenic-Acid, Beta-Sitosterol, caffeic acid, caffeine, Calcium, Campesterol, Campherol, Carbohydrates, Catalase, Catechin, Catechol, Cellulase, cellulose, chloride, Chlorogenic-Acid, Cholesterol, citric acid, cocoa butter, Copper, coumarin, cyanidin, D-Galactose, Diacetyl, Dopamine, Epicatechin, Ergosterol, Esculetin, essential oil, fat, fat oil, Ferulic-Acid, Fibres, formic acid, fructose, Furfural, Furfurol, Gallocatechin, Gentisic-Acid, glucose, Glutamic acid, glycerol, Glycine, Glycolic-Acid, Histidine, iron, Iron-oxide, Isobutyl-Acetate, Isoleucine, isovaleric acid, lactic acid, Laurin, lecithin, L-Epicatechin, Leucine, Leucocyanidin, Linalol, linalool, linoleic acid, linolenic acid, Lipase, Luteolin, Lysine, Lysophosphatidylcholine, Maleic-Acid, Mannose, mineral salt, Niacin, Nicotinamide, Nicotinic-Acid, Nitrogen, N-Nonacosane, Oleic-Acid, Oligomeric proanthocyanidins, Oxalate, oxalic acid, Palmitic acid, P-Coumaric-Acid, pectin, Pentosan, Peroxidase, Phenylacetic-Acid, Phenylalanine, Phlobaphen, phosphorus, P-Hydroxy-Benzoic-Acid, P-Hydroxyphenylacetic-Acid, Phylloquinone, Polyphenol, Proanthocyanidin, Proline, Propionic-Acid, protein, Protocatechuic-Acid, Purine, Quercetin, quercitrin, raffinose, Rhamnose, rutin, salicylate, Serine, Serotonin, Stachyose, starch, Stearic acid, Stigmasterol, Sucrose, sugars, tannin, Tanning agents, tartaric acid, Theobromine, Threonine, trigonelline, tyramine, Tyrosine, valeric acid, Valine, Vanillic-Acid, vitamin, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B8, Vitamin E, Vitexin, water, Xylose, Β-Carotene

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